Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Another Perfect Day in Paradise

One time camping around 2000 in Arrowtown (near Queenstown NZ), I heard a scottist tourist at the next site over come out of his tent and loudly proclaim "Ahhhh....another payfact dey in paradiyce".
At the time I had only left NZ's shores once, to go to Fiji for a holiday, but as I was about to head away from NZ for at least a few years, what the scotsman said got me thinking. It got me thinking that maybe I take this place for granted.
Now that it's almost 6 years since I lived in NZ, I now realise I sure did take it for granted.

So, here is a quick shot of me in a small slice of heaven. You can't see my face by I am grinning. It's not easy work cutting gorse but I got a decent gas powered cutter last visit which makes it a bit easier.
In NZ, Gorse, Thistle and a bunch of other weeds were brought here by the English and Scots when they came here a couple of hundred years ago. Thistle was brought to remind the Scots of home, and Gorse was being used for farm hedges in England. Unfortunately, Gorse is nothing but a real pain in the ass (sometimes literally) in Aotearoa.
Anyway, its good to get away from the desk and do a decent days work in the sun on the land. Another perfect day in paradise.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Buy some Uranium online

Not to be outdone by my previous post about how impressive the web has become, how about this: http://unitednuclear.com

Buy some radioactive material for the hell of it. I bet Osama is pissed off he can't get a Credit Card....but wait, they take paypal.

To be fair, I just noticed that this website will not ship outside of the US, which is really lucky for the rest of us at least that the US has narrowed down a safe haven to sell uranium and other radioactive material. There are obviously no idiots living in the land of the free.

The site has a disclaimer:
Because our products can be potentially hazardous in the wrong hands, we will occasionally terminate & refund orders if we feel you are juvenile posing as an adult, inexperienced with the materials ordered, or using our products to make any sort of explosive device.

That makes me feel all warm inside. How about you?

Buy a DIY Aircraft online

I had to share this. In my view, the internet has come of age when I can go and add a kitset Aircraft (yes a real aircraft) to a web shopping cart, and pay for it with my Visa.

DIY + Aircraft + Internet + VISA = one helluva busy garage.

Indeed, for those of you who know me, we have found a match.

is the site of a small DIY aircraft company in a place called Bryan, Ohio. I'd like to go to a place called Bryan. Bryan is also a brilliant name for a cat don't you think?
Personally, I think if I was going to build an DIY Aircraft, I would go for a Van's RV. I just like the look more and there are a lot of them around.
Both the Van's RV and the Hummel Ultra Cruiser look to be similar construction, predominantly using Aluminium Alloy which is something I personally prefer over GRP (resins & fibreglass n shit like that) as it's more retro. Besides that, I have the tools already.
The Vans RV-10 is a sleek 4 person aircraft, so it's in a different league in my opinion.
Anyway, there goes ANOTHER thing to add to the list of things to do. Just incase I ever get bored.